Experience the true expertise of Ultimate Pools by Fetter with rock waterfalls, caves, and custom built slides. These features are great additions to any pool. Moss rock boulders are formed into natural looking waterfalls and create a peaceful atmosphere with what sounds like natural flowing water. Slides are fun for the entire family and can be made to look like part of a natural lagoon, lake or pond with custom carvings of rock or stone. Add a cave to your slide or waterfall for a place to hide and relax and listen to the flowing water.

Slide with Rock Waterfall

Custom Carved Steps and Detailed Carvings on Side of Slide

Slide and Waterfall

Rock Waterfall Cave

Rock Waterfall

Custom Build and Hand Carved Slide with Cave

Carved Steps to top of Slide

Cave Under Slide

Rock Waterfall

Rock Waterfall

Rock Waterfall and Cave

Rock Bubbler

Rock Waterfall

Rock Waterfall Cascading Under Bridge into Pool

Rain Arc

Sheer Arc

Tile Spillway