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Outdoor Living

The backyard is a living space where you escape the indoors and enjoy the beautiful California weather. To enhance your pool experience, we offer a wide variety of outdoor additions to take your backyard to the next level.

There are many options and accessories to consider when Ultimate Pools by Fetter designs your dream pool! We will guide you through as the possibilities are endless!

Custom Stone Faced Gas Fireplace with Travertine Decking

Browse the various types of additions and accessories we can add to make your backyard experience truly unique to you.

Water Features

There are many water features available to add to customize your pool for any style. Whether looking for something more simple such as a sheer/cascade fall or simple spillover to more ornate sconce water features and rain arcs Ultimate Pools by Fetter has done it all. Spa spillovers can also be customized. The possibilities are endless. We will design and incorporate whatever look and feel you are going for.

There are many variations of water features from traditional to completely custom. They can be customized to fit your style and needs.

Slides & Caves

Experience the true expertise of Ultimate Pools by Fetter with custom-built pool slides and caves. These features are great additions to any pool. Slides are fun for the entire family and can be made to look like part of a natural lagoon, lake or pond with custom carvings of rock or stone. Add a cave to your slide or waterfall for a place to hide and relax and listen to the flowing water.

A Gracian style pool is often featured with unique tilework or styling coping the pool.

Outdoor Structures

When you are done swimming and want to relax outside, a beautifyl arbor can provide some shade and comfort.

Fire Bowls

Nothing says cozy and comfortable like flames. Fire Bowls add a unique ambiance to your back yard experience. Fire Bowls can be placed around your pool and yard to create a relaxing atmosphere. Fire is the ultimate focal point and a traditional gathering spot for friends and family.

Night time fire bowls and water features.

In-Pool Seating

A common missing feature of most pools is space to sit and relax.

The Possibilities Are Endless

If you dream it, we can build it. Come meet with us, we’ll dream up your perfect backyard together.

Outdoor Living Gallery

Pools are only part of the outdoor living lifestyle. We take pride in creating unique backyard experiences that will provide a lifetime of enjoyment. Take a look at some of our work.