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There are many different styles and features to consider when deciding which design would be best for your pool. You may want to ask yourself why are you getting a pool? For entertainment, family recreation, exercise, physical therapy, etc.? This is an important question to answer so you will know what you will be using your pool for. Then, a design can be made and to incorporate features to fit the function of your pool.

There are numerous “styles” of pools to include Lagoon, Tropical, Mediterranean, Grecian, and Traditional. Shapes, sizes, and depths vary as well – rounded, free flow, rectangular, with shallow ends, deep ends, large Acapulco benches, and so on. Below are a few examples of pools we have built-in each style, size, shape, and depth.

Browse the various styles of pools to gain some inspiration and figure out your style. Pool styles are mainly a starting point in the design of your new pool.

Traditional Pools

Traditional swimming pools are the most common and are what you have likely seen at a friends’ home in their back yard. Traditional pools are often rectangular or kidney in shape. Traditional pool coping is often plain or stamped paving brick outlining the pool making it a distinct fixture in the backyard.

Traditional style pools often also include a spa that is connected to the pool. A raised spa that spills over into the pool is common.

There are many variations of traditional pools. Traditional pools can be customized to fit your style and needs.

Grecian Style Pools

A Gracian or Roman Gracian style pool is based on a traditional shape but adds in semi-circles at the pool’s ends and sides to give it a classical shape. Its corners are usually rounded as well. The semi-circles are good places to add steps which in a traditional pool often take up swimming space.

If you are looking for a more classical look, a Gracian style swimming pool design is a great design to start with. This design offers a variety of variation.

A Gracian style pool is often featured with unique tilework or styling coping the pool.

Mediterranean Style Pools

Mediterranean pools designed with unique aqua water color and Greek or Roman shapes. A Mediterranean style pool transforms a backyard into a tuscan paradise.

Stone decking and vibrant ceramic tiling often outline this style of pool. It is common for a Mediterranean style pool to have a water feature pouring into the pool giving your backyard a beautiful waterfall soundscape.

Tropical Style Pool

Recreate the feeling you had on your last tropical vacation with a Tropical Style Pool. Tropical pools often follow a random shape design reminiscent of a hot spring or natural pool.

This style of pool often includes waterfalls, lush plants, boulders, and palm trees to give your backyard the feeling of a tropical paradise.

Lagoon Style Pool

A lagoon-style pool is a variation of a tropical style pool. The lagoon-style is the ultimate backyard oasis style pool as the more freeform style of this pool feels more organic as if from nature itself. A rock waterfall pouring into your pool gives it the feeling as if it was being fed by a stream.

Depending on the overall ambiance you are going for in your backyard, you may add elements of the tropics such as large stones, palm trees, or pathways.

Pool Gallery

We have designed and built countless pools over decades creating a unique design for each of our clients. Take a look at some of our work.